Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why you cannot prove God exist

Before we prove something we define it first. For example to prove air exist, we take its definition which says air is a mass of gaseous matter that can give rise to wind and can fill up a balloon and can become bubbles in water, etc, etc. And by that definition we prove that air indeed exists by such definition.

To prove atoms exist, we first look at its definition: the lowest indivisible form of normal physical matter which floats in a vacuum and move faster when heat is applied. It can also be examined in a powerful electron microscope. All that is proven as defined.

About multi-verse, it is defined in mathematics and that comes after proven definitions of Quantum Mechanics and Wave Particle Theory and Theory of Relativity, which are physical formulations and not meta-physical. By actual numeric calculation and without direct inference which such theories were eventually proven later led us to believe that such a reality can exist.

About the Spaghetti Monster which even though no one sees it but Atheists love to use it to prove that God does not exist. They transpose the argument that believing is not useful. Yet with such fate of Spaghetti Monsters highly believed by some kids they indoctrinated with, we can easily disprove it by definition too.

Let's say what their childhood fans say. What is a Spaghetti Monster defined as? By definition, it is a monster made of spaghetti. Well, easily proven that it does not exist. No one has seen such definition in real life. Or mathematicians for that matter. Actually mathematicians knew this is a silly childhood prank and have more serious and intriguing calculations to make.

Now let us go to the existence of God. Again we ask for its definition. What is God defined as? And we can take from abundant sources - from Hinduism right through Islam. Even throw in some Star Wars's 'the Force all around you, in you.." and The Matrix's Architect musings of 'ergo non concurrently'.

God's physicality, of which mathematicians do get drawn in and get entangled in from that basis, is defined as 'Nameless, Faceless, Locationless, Formless, Tasteless, Timeless, Non-separate and Defined-less" which quite nail it shut for any mathematician's scrap-board to begin a first dot with. The Quran puts it as "Non is like Unto God" or mathematically God equals nothingness. Quite Zen or Buddhist too I might add.

The Christian or Greco-Roman definition of God is what influenced contemporary Atheistic debunking to the existence of God. This is because from such definition, God is that Father somewhere in Heaven. There is a physical singular location attached to it. It is also separate and in separate entities - along with The Son and the Holy Spirit. Such definition easily attacked by logic much to the delight of the likes of Richard Dawkins who rightly sees such definition as The God Delusion.

The more universal definition of the Prime Cause and Mover is more grounded and serious for consideration. It is by definition undefinable and thus escape other definitions. At times we say it cannot be proven nor disproved. But by definition such a definition does exist. It has been defined throughout human conscious history. However mathematics remain the closest science to it. Take E=mc(square) for instance. Those 3 elements by definition are interchangeable and explains mass away as non physical and more transient.

Thus I suspect some philosophical minds have already arrived at some mathematical symbol for God. Some say the infinite sign (lemniscate) but i prefer just the simple zero.