Sunday, January 15, 2012

I am a Zen Muslim

OK, ok, look, look. This is very Zen. As someone was chatting about it in some Facebook link I spontaneously created this blog to agree with the spontaneous comment that this is a good brand for a religion. If you cannot spontaneously create your Facebook account to view that, no worry. I will in a Zen move, paste those words here,
  • Redhuan D. Oon
    OK.. serious note: I believe that all scriptures are the same as all Messengers are. When Jesus came, he was asked this, and he replied that he did not come to change the code but renew the code of Moses. He found it corrupted and told them what exactly is the contract or the Matrix (in modern terms). Then people either want to crucify Jesus or want to worship him and got the message corrupted again. Then came Muhammad and he recited the same words, 'believe in the code brought here and brought before here, till Heaven comes". I have found Buddha to be not in conflict with the code. If I may, to say how i shall live by the code, so that i do not go crazy and too holy till over dogmatic and repulsive, i will regard myself as a Zen Muslim.
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  • Nor Bahgia Nordin Wow Zen Muslim! That's good branding.. That certainly beats Islam Hadhari..hehe!
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  • Shanmugam D Moorthi Brothers at 50+ life should not be complicated...
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  1. Uncle Red1,

    Your "Zen" reminds me of 89: 27.

    May we be both, pleased and well pleasing!